Quality Policy

Our Survey companies have a dedicated team of professional survey engineers who have varied qualifications and relevant experience in various fields of survey works. We believe in strict adherence of quality assurance to their valued clients and ensures the same with quality control on each and every job and sites all over UAE and Qatar.

As a company we are open and honest, responsive and talented. We have selected team of highly skilled survey engineers and management staff to execute any type of projects. We do assure you that we will meet your work scheduled programmer and complete the project within the scheduled target date.

We are committed to fulfill the requirements, continuously improving effectiveness of quality management system to fulfill satisfaction of our customers.

To continuously monitor , review and develop the company’s technological and quality needs relevant to its profile of products and services.
To continuously improve and implement the quality management system and procedures to minimize system and conformance in all our operations.
To develop and expand our business and to diversify as relevant business.
To support employees through training and team work.
To focus on timely completion of the work.

Quality Assurance

All GPS and Survey work would be carried out with high accuracy.
All total station Traversing would be closed out on existing known survey stations.
All spirit leveling would be closed out on survey stations of known elevation.

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