GPS Surveys

GPS RTK units are fantastic tool for collecting large volumes of level data over open areas at a reasonable price quickly. With the help of SmartNet corrections service offered by NIKKON, SOKKIA, TOPCON and LEICA Geo systems, we do the first survey in real-time OS coordinates with reduced need of pre and post processing. Please see below for more information.

Site GPS Control

Depending on input settings and satellite availability our GPS surveying equipment can achieve a detail accuracy in the region of +/-20mm. By setting up on a fixed point for a longer period of time we can observe the satellites as they complete their orbit overhead, apply complex corrections and achieve even greater degree of precision.

GPS Surveying

We use our GPS systems as a conventional surveying tool, measuring in the same way we would survey using a robotics total station. GPS offers the advantage of not requiring a line of sight between two points. This allows us to set up and go, cover miles in one day, returning to the car at the end with excellent coordinate data of our site. We have recently surveyed a10km square island for the RSPB, solely using a Smart Rover GPS receiver. A receiver was also mounted on our adapted quad bike to gather detailed level information over fields.In addition to GPS surveying, if number of satellites available is restricted by obstructions we are always able to supplement information with a total station.

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